Accelerate your Hi-C Studies

Generate high quality Hi-C libraries in less than a day with Dovetail® TopoLink™ Assay.

  • Accelerated workflow-sample to library in less than a day.
  • Reduced cost per datapoint - up to 12-fold lower than traditional Hi-C.
  • Improved signal-to-noise - detect more topological features.
  • Uniform sequence coverage - higher feature call accuracy.

Sample To Sequencer In One Day

Go from sample to sequence-ready library in as little as six hours. Start preparing your samples in the morning and have your libraries on the sequencer before the end of your work day.

See More - Sequence Less

Superior data quality means you detect more features (TADs and loops) compared to traditional Hi-C, even at reduced sequencing depths. As a result, fewer sequencing libraries and less sequencing is required simplifying experimental design and execution.
Required Input (cells)
1 Million
2 - 5 Million
Total Assay Time
1 Day
2 - 3 Days
Required Proximity Ligation Reactions
3 - 4
Required # Libraries
6 - 8
Required Read Pairs For Loop Detection
800 Million
1.2 - 1.6 Billion
TADs Called
Loops Called
9,071 - 12,899

Have Questions? Connect With An Expert

I have found the Dovetail® TopoLink™ Kit to be easy to use and not affected by tissue or cell morphology. It’s been very well suited to my study of looping interactions compared to the other kits I have used.
Research Assistant, Nanyang Technological University

Unbiased Genomic Coverage Equals Improved Accuracy

Produce highly uniform sequence coverage across all parts of the genome. Where the non-uniform restriction enzyme site distribution associated with traditional Hi-C methods often skews signals, you can be confident in the position of interactions detected by the Dovetail TopoLink Assay.
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