3D Genomics
The Next Frontier

Learn about what 3D genomics is, why it is important, and how to study it.

The What, the Why, and
the How of 3D Genomics

Whether you are just starting to consider 3D genomics or are already incorporating it into your research, this eBook is designed to act as a reference addressing three primary questions:

What is 3D Genomics?

Why is it important?

How is it studied?

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In this eBook you
will discover:

  • How chromosome organization impacts gene expression and regulation.
  • The various techniques and technologies used for studying the 3D genome.
  • Some of the key discoveries made with 3D genome analysis technologies.
  • Important considerations to keep in mind when performing 3D genomics experiments.
  • Dovetail solutions for 3D genomics.
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